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The Municipality of Leamington is spearheading the development and preservation of the local submerged cultural and marine heritage. The projects name is ErieQuest. Of the four thousand documented ship wrecks in the Great Lakes, two hundred and fifty are right in the Pelee Passage. Of these wreck sites, fifty have already been found and the first fifteen are marked with a mooring buoy system for public exploration.

Shipwreck exploration provides a unique insight into heroic and tragic stories. It provides the opportunity to study the history of travel, and the features of Lake Erie's marine life and geology. Leamington, Ontario located at the north western end of Lake Erie is fast becoming North America's new dive centre, " says Stephen Weir at Diver Magazine.

The visibility in the lakes has increased dramatically, many dives are shallow and the waters are temperate throughout the summer and fall. ErieQuest offers a large variety of shipwrecks in a concentrated area. Local dive shops and charter operators fully service the industry, providing lessons, equipment, rentals and excursions. Non-diver excursions are also available for those who are equally curious. A Marine Heritage Interpretive Centre is open to the public for an "on land" experience.

The Municipality of Leamington invites you to go back in time, to see the historic giants, to imagine the human trauma and to experience this non-renewable heritage resource known as...shipwrecks.

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